Sex Offender Surprise Awaits Legislators!

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Would you vote to give $600,000 to firm whose “top executive” was busted having sex with minors?

Surprise! You just did!  

Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto obviously wasn’t concerned about this behavior.  Just last week she defended the death of a bill making sexual harassment specifically illegal by….you guessed it….reiterating President Negron’s argument that sexual harassment is already illegal.

So it should come as no surprise that she sponsored a budget request for SalusCare to receive more than half-million dollars “to address Lee County’s opioid crisis.”  What is surprising is that the legislature wants the state to fork over almost $100,000 to hire executive staff just months after one of their executives received 60 months of felony probation after pleading guilty to solicitation of a minor. 

The appropriation was provided in line 372 of the state budget.  The facts of the case and the generous appropriation to hire more “executives” are salacious mail piece fodder!

SalusCare Vice President of Community Information and CIO of the IT Department Timothy Pelham was caught in his blue Toyota with a tenth-grade student in a “location where known sexual offenders hang out,” according to his arrest affidavit.

Police found that the Pelham had two knives, a prescription for Cialis, lubrication packets, a bottle of hand lotion, several $20 bills and his SalusCare ID card.

The minor testified that the SalusCare exec met him just blocks from their campus on Victoria Ave. after they were “intimate” so that Pelham could give the minor victim money.  He also testified that on one occasion, his High School Student ID fell out of his pocket and that Pelham subsequently continued the relationship.

According to the newspaper at the time, Parham was just suspended from the company and scrubbed from their website after his arrest.  It’s unclear whether Parham is still working with SalusCare.

Most legislators wouldn’t get anywhere near this local headline leading news, much less sponsor their taxpayer handout.  But then again, most legislators really live in their districts….