The Friend Zone

While the entire “process” has had a quick primer on online security, some Legislative Aides & their spouses have suspiciously put their Facebook accounts on extreme lockdown…even going as far as unfriending people they hang out with IRL!!

Multiple sources have confirmed that the alleged spouses of the Latvala complainants (c’mon, we ALL know who they are) have suspiciously been on an unfriending spree to try to contain any potential collateral damage.  Longtime friends are disappearing for no apparent reason (other than the advice of council). One source told me they happened to pull up his long-time “IRL friend’s” Facebook page earlier this week, but when they went back today they were unfriended like some random with no real connection.  

“It made me pause for a second,” the source said. “This is someone who I will definitely be in their office this session.”

Another checked his Facebook after I called and confirmed he was scrubbed out too.  “I wouldn’t say were real close friends, but I’m not some random online person he barely knows!” 

Will the fishy unfriending get our complainants found out? Does it really matter when everyone seems to have set the narrative with specific names whispered in the halls and swirling gossip of special interests setups?