Blaise Blows It Again!

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Everybody knows that state committee members are grumbling about the record low fundraising numbers that have come from the leadership of Representative/Chairman Blaise Ingoglia.

[As usual, this site was on the bleeding edge of gossip back in 2015 when we first heard rumblings about problems with party fundraising and an overly intrusive approach to data services (more on that to come)]

Some have suggested he’s just using the position for personal political gain, but other party insiders were more blunt that his ambitions are likely less sinister: “He doesn’t want to raise money, and he doesn’t want to manage staff.  Our numbers are horrible, so he cuts more staff.”  It’s a win/win for the Ingoglia agenda…

…and he continues to blow good chances to raise easy money!

Tonight, I got an email from the party pitching to the partisan faithful a story about Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz that got my blood boiling. It was short and sweet. Masterfully drafted to hit on all the key conservative talking points and points fingers at all the right “boogeymen” on the other side.

I get to the end of the email, ready to open my wallet and give a few bucks to the party and there’s no place to do it!

All Chairman Blaise wants is for me to sign my name to some name collection petition.  What’s he collecting data for???

Worse still, these emails from the party rarely come into my inbox.  So when I get one I figure it’s some sort of important message, not a bogus data collection effort on who is against Debbie Wassserman-Schultz (Spoiler Alert: Every member of the GOP and even many Democrats now are!) Contrast that with the relentless, over-the-top emails I get at least once a week from the DCCC that proclaim their latest minor electoral victory on Topeka Kansas City Council District 18 is going to finally show Trump who is boss!

Yes, if only I gave another $5, $10, $25, $50, or even $100 to the DCCC, I could help send the Trump agenda packing. They even have a simple link to help on various state races.

This is campaigning 101….make the ask (for donations)! So why isn’t Blaise and the RPOF making it easy for me to help send Debbie packing?!?  And what happens to this data that gets collected from this pointless effort? Will it be used for his company, Red State Data Solutions? (again, more on this at a later date…)

The day before the election and the Chairman of one of the “must win state” for Trump is partying…

It’s just another blown opportunity for Blaise and the RPOF…but it shouldn’t really surprise anybody who is paying attention that the Chairman is barely phoning it in.

Instead of making phone calls or working to the 11th hour for Donald Trump, he was patting himself on the back at Ruth’s Chris Steak house!  While you humble volunteers were eating your cold pizza next to the phone and getting your final signs out the door, your leader was yukin’ it up with his wife over filet minon (probably paid for by you!).

The RPOF can’t afford to continue with this lackadaisical attitude toward the party organization from someone who wants the pay and prestige of the Chairmanship, but none of the responsibility.

It’s time for someone who cares to step in, or for Blaise to step up to the plate.