Frank Artiles’ Bronze Parachute

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What the Frank is Artiles up to?  While Ramba shut down the Artiles-associated Political Committee (Seriously Dave… Frank got paid to fundraise??? lol), the directly controlled 2018 Artiles “re-election” fund shows no signs of slowing down on spending the almost $70,000 left in his account.

In fact, this last month he ordered a new round of checks, he still pays for office space for his “scampaign,” and switched his cell phone carrier from AT&T to “Artiles 2 Solutions, LLC,” an entity controlled by the former Senator and his wife (We’ve heard a lot of gossip about this lately, but lets keep this story on point).

$70,000 in special interest money isn’t exactly a golden parachute, but it’s a nice chunk of change to start your life over.  Doesn’t anybody find it ironic that the disgraced Senator gets a nice soft cushion of cash to fall into?

Keep your eyes on this account…we are sure to see more of this money directed into Artiles controlled entities.

[Added: Somebody contacted us after this story was posted and suggested “Frank is targeting Galvano and is not happy with him.  (He blames Bill for losing his seat.)  Frank craves chaos.”]