Suffrage of the Sentenced? (Voter Fraud Frenzy, Part 2)

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On Thursday, we highlighted possible double voting by multi-state homeowners.

Our expert and voting process gadfly, Andrew Ladanowski, decided to thoroughly investigate if there is voter fraud in the State of Florida.  While he didn’t complete a process as thorough President Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission is laying out, he went through a sample of states and compared them to Florida’s voting rolls to determine if there was dual registration.  He found that although there is some of this occurring, those that commit this crime are rarely prosecuted.

Every time an illegible voter casts a ballot, it diminishes your legitimate vote and voice.

People like Paul Renner (lost to Rep. Fant by 2 votes) , Oliver Parker (lost to Ellyn Bogdanoff by 12 votes), and David Rivera (Lost to Rep. Robert Asencio by 53 votes) know how critical it is that each and every legal vote be counted…but that illegal votes should be rejected.

In fact, earlier this year we reported on this possible election-changing dispute in Putnam county that included a roller-coaster recount that shifted the results several times.  The “losing” candidate in that race made substantial allegations of voter fraud and irregularities, none of which have been prosecuted or investigated by the “winning” Sheriff of Putnam County, Fla.

Finding our Felons!

Our activist made a public records request from the Broward Clerk of the Courts for all individuals who were excused from jury duty (since Jan 2016) due to being a convicted felon, and who have not had their voting rights restored.  That data was cross referenced with the list of registered voters.  We found around 140 individuals who were claiming to be convicted felons,**  and who were registered voters.  Seventy (70) voted in November 2016 election (SpreadSheet 7 CrossReferencedBrowardClaimFelon).

Similarly, in Palm Beach County there were approximately 48 individuals who claimed they could not perform their civic duty of sitting on a jury because of a felony conviction** and were registered to voter.  Twenty-four (24) voted in Nov 2016 election (SpreadSheet 8 CrossReferencePalmBeachFellons)

We would like to do this with Federal jury duty data, but were told we needed a court order.

No charges! No arrests!

Even in the highly controversial Putnam County case, the state was reluctant to make arrests or prosecute known illegal votes.  All of this data has been provided to the state and the media has confirmed the story multiple times (here, here, & here) but no agency, Sheriff, or State Attorney has shown interest in prosecuting these individuals who voted in two states or who were felons.

Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher, said double voting happens more than some people might think.

Representative Ross Spano tried to address some of these issues in his HB 707 this past session, but this legislation’s companion, SB1070, was blocked in the Florida Senate’s Rules Committee.  This is the committee that serves as a backstop to prevent legislation from reaching the floor, and often Senators have been known to file legislation to “control” it (AKA kill it).

We don’t necessarily need the President’s team investigating voter fraud, although it is wholly appropriate and can be done effectively without disenfranchising individuals who are legally allowed to vote.

Representative Spano’s approach that preserves state’s rights and Florida sovereignty should be commended.  His constituents should be proud of the work he has done to secure the legitimate vote.

** - Editor's Note: Not all of these voters are necessairally convicted felons, but they have claimed such to the Clerk of the Courts on Jury Duty Documents.  Some could have been trying to "get out of" jury duty.

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  1. Every time Aaron Nevins colludes with Russia to destroy our free elections he proves that he is a traitor to the American people and our way of life. God Bless America and preserve us from those who would destroy us.

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