Which Senator’s Sidepiece?

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Happy 4th of July everybody! We ate barbecues and drank beers and all collectively watched millions of tax dollars shot into the air in independence day celebrations, but are all of the fireworks over?  Is a Senator’s sidepiece becoming a matrimonial menace?

We hear this Senator has been busted before by his bride and was already thisclose to being kicked to the curb. He should be trying to save his marriage, but he couldn’t resist the short-term affections of this Momentary Session-Sweetie!  Maybe he felt she was out of his LEAGUE, and he had to take the risk?

The politician’s partner pardoned the previous reprobate performance, but he’s not off the hook yet! This cutie was canned (to contain the consequences of his canoodling?), but the old canard continues to circulate about their copulation…