American or “Common Serf”

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Nothing grates the American experience as much as rank classism.  But it takes a special kind of stupid for an aspiring politico like the Vice Chair of the Florida Federation of College Republicans Corrie Chase to openly take bets on twitter over how many people she can “call a common surf [sic] tonight.”

I knew the students from UCF were getting a peasants education compared to flagship schools like UF & FSU, but I didn’t realize UCF was churning out bimbos that can’t even spell their slurs right!

Earth to Corrie – You go to UCF, the backup, backup, backup school.  If you weren’t a “common serf” yourself, you wouldn’t go to a state school, much less a “non-flagship” school (to use a nice term).

The slur was actually used twice, the first time she was relaying a conversation with an ex boyfriend….most likely bragging about her ascent into the political world.  According to her bio on Facebook, she started into politics a little less than a year ago.  Still, she should know better.  She claims to have served as social media coordinator for Representative Mike Miller, and promotes him heavily on her various social media pages.  She also boasts an internship with James Madison Institute, a respectable free-market think tank named after the founding father who strongly promoted the ideals of “establishing a political equality among all.”

As somebody who is in leadership in the FFCR, she should be making efforts to expand our party and become more acceptable, not become a stereotypical characterized cartoon Republican jeering “commoner” at every other drunken student ALSO downing dollar cocktails in the campus bar.

I get it….she’s a kid.  But she also has accepted leadership positions with Party organizations and sets an example for the next generation of Republicans candidates.

This type of nonsense should have no place in the GOP, especially from our leaders.

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