A Magician Doesn’t Really Disappear Before the Big Reveal!

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Poof….and just like that they were gone. Or are they??

The anonymous account we reported on over the weekend went dark yesterday after promising a week of bombshells about members…and dishing just one.

I spoke to an experienced reporter about the account over the weekend, who told me the salacious gossip being dished was “Big, if true…libelous, if not.”  The general reaction to the “big reveal” on Monday was that “it would be better if it was someone people knew who it was…”

Wah-wah (sad trombone)??  Still, someone cared enough to issue a takedown notice… The account tweeted me that an attorney DM’d them on twitter with a required five day notice under F.S. 836.07 of a threat of libel lawsuit for things posted previously.

Still, the takedown doesn’t mean the stuff was necessarily false as the targets are claiming. A lawsuit would open the account up to discovery, including who is behind it….a risk they apparently decided not to take to stay anonymous. The only real option for the account to stay anonymous was to take it down and parse the leaks for verification through established media….like this blog.

That’s why I established a password with them to verify their identity for if/when they pop back up…

I had extensive conversation with the account over Twitter DM over the past few days….and if even half the stuff I was told pans out, I will have content for weeks!


P.S.- I know there has been some speculation this account was me….It’s good to know you’re thinking of me.  You know you can always contact me directly… Just make sure you spell my name right- two A’s

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  1. I didn’t realize that there were 2 A’s in “Aasshole”? Who knew!! This is a fun site and sad The Horde went bye-bye.

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