All Eyez On We…

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Legislators and insiders who usually blow off blogs that peddle filthy gossip and insider secrets are seriously spooked over a twitter account speaking in the third person and calling itself The Horde. The group claims to be multiple people trying to bring accountability back into the process, but is dishing some bombshells along the way….and all of them seem to check out with sources I’ve spoken to. Camps are divided between trying to lay low and hope it passes, to playing it cool.

“We’ve heard a lot through the grapevine. We think people are genuinely afraid. However they need not be afraid if they live right.” The account told me via Twitter DM.

Disgraced Senator Frank Artiles is a frequent target, and already allegedly in the doghouse over his philandering. Despite appearing in Miami for the U2 concert that many insiders attended, the rumor is Artiles “is holed up in Orlando” with former Rep. Dorworth and friends “because his wife won’t let him home.”

The site promises to reveal true stories of who is sleeping outside of their marriage, one each day starting tomorrow.

Buckle up, lock down your phones and lets see who gets toasted this week from the Horde.