Lookout Latvala!

Lookout Senator Latvala!

Push aside Adam Putnam’s paltry twenty-thousand Twitter followers. Speaker Corcoran’s ten-thousand looks downright lame…

Even Governor Scott (91k) can’t touch this total!

Dark Horse candidate for Governor, Angel Rivera, boasts a Verified Twitter Account and a tower of 5.06 million(!) Twitter followers!  His abundance of acolytes stand tall next to a trivial $255.00 from two out-of-state sugar daddies.

A high number of fakes…

Twitter checker website Status People claims only 11% are real…still that’s over 500,000 real followers and almost twenty times what the top contender for the post, Adam Putnam, possesses!

With less than $100 cash on hand, he’s got a long way to go to be competitive.  Still, 5 million followers isn’t nothing!  So how did Rivera get the gargantuan following?

We reached out to the reclusive pol, but he didn’t respond to why he’s got such a robust roster under his name.

Angel Rivera is the CEO of Vera Wear, a fashion entertainment company with an extremely minor internet presence.  His bio on IMDB claims that he “has appeared in several short films, but made his debut on the big screen in 2015 with the movie High Grade.” The movie is still listed as “in production” in the IMDB website, and only one other person is listed in involvement with the production of the film.  He also boasts that he was nominated for a social media award “among stars like Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Rihanna and other top super stars.”

Edit 1 6/3 7:18pm Rivera’s campaign responded with this picture, and the following statement: 

Good evening Angel Rivera has been featured on TV networks like E! and MTV. Angel has also made impact in the fashion world with his company @VeraWear. Lastly, Angel caught the attention of President Trump.