EXCLUSIVE – Mensch’s FAKE NEWS about Russian Hacks Impacts Innocent Florida Businessman

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Louise Mensch is at it again, making wild accusations without even the shortest scrap of evidence…but this time she had a real impact and could even face a lawsuit if she doesn’t change her tune.

Andrew Kleinman’s Ocean Way Capitol was accused by Mensch in an April 23 blog post on her Patribotics blog of being “the shell company that itself hosts Hostkey.com and all its servers, [and] is linked to Russian-Ukranian money laundering to Donald Trump via a series of shell companies based in the British Virgin Islands.”  We know this is completely false.

Kleinman emailed the posted letter to Mensch to set the record strait and demand a retraction.

Left wingers who have caught Trump Derangement Syndrome may not even realize that their accusations have impact on innocent victims, and may deem this “worth collateral damage” to further their McCarthyist fantasy, but we’ve already learned this lesson once.  This cannot continue.  Their accusations and articles have entered the realm of purely farcical anti-Trump fanfiction.

I tracked down Mr. Kleinman, the managing partner for the falsely- accused company, and asked him for comment.  He provided me with a comprehensive response that I am publishing in full and unedited (except spacing and paragraph breaks for easier reading).

So far Mrs. Mensch hasn’t retracted her blog post.

Dear Mrs. Mensch,
My name is Andrew Kleinman. I am a Financial Advisor and the managing partner for Ocean Way Capital, LLC (Ocean Way), a company recently incorporated in Florida. We are a brand-new company and are in the process of becoming a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).
I am writing to you because you recently falsely accused my company of being involved in a Russian-Ukranian money-laundering scheme with Donald Trump. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact that my company shares the same name as an Ocean Way company that previously was incorporated in the Virgin Islands is pure coincidence, as detailed below. Unfortunately, your false accusations tying my company with the former Virgin Islands company bearing the same name is harming both my company’s and my personal reputation and ability to do business.
As background, I have been a Financial Advisor for nearly seventeen years. As you can see if you look me up on FINRA’s BrokerCheck website, I have never had a customer complaint lodged against me. I take great pride in performing my fiduciary responsibilities in the highest ethical manner while helping my clients achieve their financial goals. Needless to say, my reputation is crucial to my success.
On April 23, you wrote an article entitled “Did Donald Trump Commission Russia’s Hack of the US Election Himself?” In the article, you falsely state that Ocean Way in Florida – i.e., the company that I recently formed – is a shell company related to a dissolved Virgin Islands company bearing the same name, and that both Ocean Way companies have been involved in a Russian-Ukranian money laundering scheme with Donald Trump. The accusations relating to my Ocean Way company in Florida are entirely false.
As background, about a year ago, a friend of mine who owns a CPA firm in the West Palm Beach area approached me with an idea to open an RIA in conjunction with his accounting firm so that we could provide a one-stop firm for our clients’ financial needs. Our goal is to help clients and businesses plan for retirement. We brainstormed for weeks trying to come up with a suitable name for our new investment firm that we both could agree upon. One day while my partner was driving, he passed a street sign for “Ocean Way.” He suggested we name our new firm, Ocean Way Capital, LLC, and I agreed. We then began the registration process with federal and state regulators.
In sum, my Ocean Way company has no relation whatsoever to the Ocean Way company in the Virgin Islands that allegedly was involved in a Russian-Ukranian-Trump money laundering scheme. It is simply pure coincidence that the two companies share a common name.
I’d like to pose a couple of quick questions to you. If the Ocean Way company in the Virgin Islands was dissolved in April 2016 – around the same time that, according to the BBC’s Paul Wood, the then-director of the CIA heard a tape from Estonian intelligence about Russian money being laundered to the Trump campaign – why would a new company be set up just four months later bearing the same name?
Also, if my company actually is laundering money (which it isn’t), why would it seek status as an RIA and thus subject itself to heavy regulation by federal and state agencies, including the Securities & Exchange Commission and the Financial Regulatory Authority (FINRA)?
I would think that those who engage in money laundering would want to avoid the very entities that regulate and enforce money laundering laws in the United States. Moreover, I am a life-long registered Democrat who has voted Democrat in every single election since I was old enough to vote.
I have never been a fan of Donald Trump as a person or as a candidate, and I happily voted for HRC. What concerns me most is that in the haste to possibly break a story, there is no attention paid to the actual facts. Are you really seeking to uncover the truth or is the goal to just write sensational stories that are bereft of the all-important facts?
Innocent bystanders like myself are the victims of false accusations, which can spread like wildfire in this age of the internet. And that is exactly what has happened here, as my reputation and ability to do business have been greatly harmed due to the false accusations you have made against me and my company.
I have a wife, three young children, and a baby on the way to support, and my fledgling company may not be able to withstand the damage without a retraction from you. I thus ask that you please do the right thing – as both a professional and as a decent human being – and please clarify that my Ocean Way company in Florida was identified incorrectly and that I and my company have never been involved in any Russian-Ukranian-Trump money laundering scheme. I trust that you will do the right thing here, and that I will not have to retain legal counsel.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Sincerely, Andrew L. Kleinman

2 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE – Mensch’s FAKE NEWS about Russian Hacks Impacts Innocent Florida Businessman

  1. The above is a very well written letter.

    Due such, and a belief that the writer most probably has intelligence sufficient to understand the threat posed to all due the Non-Stop Global HeatRise:

    I ask Andrew L. Kleinman to consider becoming involved in the effort to wake Humanity and thereby help save his Children from a day when they shall, otherwise, join those who question their Parent’s love of their children.

    To a safer, saner and more caring world.

    To Duty.

    Daniel J. Lavigne, Founder
    “The Tax Refusal”
    (As archived on the ” http://WaybackMachine.com ” )

  2. Fake new Is insidious. Like claiming that a pizza shop in DC, built on concrete, has a secret sex ring in the non-existent basement. With HRC’s campaign behind it. That was all that was needed for a wacko to start shooting up the place. I’m with you on fake news – it should STOP!

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