Rep. Pigman is a Mother Ducker

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I know it’s hard to get time in the gym in Tallahassee during session, but this wasn’t the time to take a walk….

The wall bill, also dubbed whiskey and Wheaties, was up for final passage on the floor of the Florida House, when several members were suspiciously absent during roll call. 

“There were others who did vote, flipped in the last 24 hours,” according to inside sources that wished to remain anonymous (per our standard policy).  “But 3 more walked. Bileca, Stevenson, Pigman.”

Representative Bileca was absent from the chamber for many hours yesterday.  I would say the evidence suggests that he probably didn’t duck this vote purposefully.  Other sources say Mercado “gets a pass” because she was meeting her mom and dad, who were in town.  (Update 10:45 AM: Rep. Mercado’s parents got in an accident on the Parkway, and she went to the Hospital to meet themSlosberg also gets a pass, she was giving a television interview to an Orlando reporter about traffic safety issues.  Stevenson is highly suspect, because she returned to the chamber less than 10 minutes after the vote.  Still, I will give her the benefit of the doubt and mark this as dismissed for lack of evidence…

But one member’s behavior is so reprehensible and he so obviously ducked the vote, that he should be called out for his (continued) cowardice.

Representative Pigman, who was caught Driving While Blind on the Turnpike earlier this session, voted on a bill,  just one minute after the roll call of SB 106. Maybe with all the liquor talk he had stumbled into a daydream, fantasizing about getting fugazi… or maybe he’s just your run of the mill coward who couldn’t make a decision.

That being said, the opponents of the bill do have some blame for not ensuring their members were there to vote by suggesting the absence of a quorum…and of course the proponents of the bill and their lobby team should also be praised for working hard until the end, cashing in your chips, and bringing this in for a landing.

Now go drink and celebrate….except you Rep Pigman. you need to go get more chips