Roger Stone’s Bong Looks Tacky

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In honor of 4-20, Republican political dirty trickster Roger Stone sent out via email an ode to marijuana that essentially echoed the views of GOP strategist Rick Wilson: the law and order wing of the GOP’s views are outdated on pot.

But what also clearly needs to be updated is Mr. Stone’s bong.  Made to resemble former President Richard Nixon from all-white glazed-ceramic, it appears to have a modest height of around 8″ or 9″ and a “carb” instead of a “slider.”  It’s built more for a novelty than actual smoking, and if it was an apartment it would be described as a “cute” studio.

…and like your first cute studio apartment, the thing looks impossible to keep clean.  The dirty trickster’s bong is destined to be so filthy and cached with resin that it perpetually produces a stale smoke that, like Richard Nixon and Stone themselves, will leave a bad taste in your stoner cousin’s mouth.

One would assume the dapper Mr. Stone would sport a smoking device commensurate with his dress style, and not this tacky novelty bong that screams amateur.  It’s like Stone all of a sudden decided that it was cool to wear a clip on bowtie, but despite how many times he says it’s “cool” we all know it’s not.

I would take today to echo the warning that the horse has left the barn and the GOP stands to get left behind if they try to roll back the clock here.  The war on drugs is one of the easiest ways for the GOP to fulfil the promise to the voters to cut unnecessary spending.

Roger…get a new bong.  It’s the easiest way for you to cut unnecessary spending.