See Something, Say Something, Do Nothing

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The Democrat Dr. No, the elected Brian Pitts, the public official Democrats and Republicans roll their eyes at the mere mention of her name.

She famously found 500 ballots months after an election and then the next election switched the votes in a race, so it’s no surprise the highly-partisan Democrat Supervisor of Elections, Susan Bucher, hasn’t aggressively pursued the double voting and fraud taking place in her county.

Activist Andrew Ladanowski continues to be annoyed that his data and research on double voting and fraud around Florida (and in South Florida specifically) and other states isn’t being taken seriously…

Ladanowski claimed in an email last night that Bucher had “confirmed my data was accurate, but no one has been charged.”

He sent a new batch of fraudulent voters to the Florida Department of State, this time matching people who voted in both North Carolina & Florida. This comes on top of the Palm Beach Post report on fraudulent voting that talked to “many residents (who) could not say whom they voted for. They said they were directed how to vote by candidates and campaign workers, who casually came into their homes and were fixtures in the neighborhoods during the campaign.”

One House member told me that there was an amendment floating around Tallahassee to fix this issue, but was stopped by the Democratic Party before it was filed.  Longtime campaign activists knew that this kind of cheating has been prevalent in the community, but this proves the Democratic Party is not only complacent in the cheating…but it blocking efforts to stop it!

Will Democrats Bucher and Aronberg ever file charges, or will they turn the other way for their Democratic pals?!?