Roger Stone’s Big Tell

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Roger Stone has been denying Russian influence in the election, even going as far as swearing off Russian dressing!

But at a speech last night at the Martin County Florida Lincoln Day Dinner Stone used a very interesting and legalistic phrase when discussing the Russian influence on the election…

“There is no evidence whatsoever, that would hold up in an American Court of law, that anyone involved with Donald Trump or his campaign colluded with any Russians to win this election.” (emphasis mine)

But last month he told Salon something different…

Stone told Salon in a pair of emails, one from his personal account and the other (at Salon’s request) from his professional account. “This is a charge without a shred of evidence.”

He added, “I myself had no contacts or communications with the Russian State, Russian Intelligence or anyone fronting for them or acting as intermediaries for them. None. Nada. Zilch. I am not in touch with any Russians, don’t have a Russian girlfriend, don’t like Russian dressing and have stopped drinking Russian Vodka.”

So what has changed in the last month that made him hedge his statements with qualifiers like “that would hold up in an American Court of Law,” an extremely high standard!