Cocaine Congressman’s Cooked Cookbook?!?

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Radel’s book sales have cratered in just two days. This was the Rank as of 3/16/17

Trey Radel, the “cocaine congressman,” who was driven from congress after trying to buy an eight-ball from an undercover federal officer, begun pre-sale on his “tell all book” about his view of how the sausage is made in Washington D.C.!  Sales begun at a lethargic pace and have slid in popularity over the past week.  Now, his memoir hasn’t cracked the top 250 in hardcover political books!

Unfortunately (or fortunately), the Amazon algorithm that placed him in the “cooking” category allows him to break the top #100!  …just a few slots below a book that explains 99 ways to Open a Beer Bottle and Quick Fix Cooking with Roadkill!

If you wanted to read his book, Democrazy: A True Story of Weird Politics, Money, Madness, and Finger Food the price has dropped by more than 1/3 this past week: crashing from $27 to $17.70 to try to pick up sales. 

Pick it up and see if you’re mentioned…