EXCLUSIVE! Women’s Rally Organizer to Seek Public Office!

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We have EXCLUSIVELY  learned that Stephanie Myers, one of the main organizers of the Women’s Rally of South Florida, plans to seek public office.

Ms. Myers has no history of political activism prior to the march, but our sharp-eared scout overheard her amateur allies loudly blabbing away in a parking lot about her intended run while waiting for a tire change.

The photogenic 42 year-old pictured above is a Democrat that lives just west of downtown Ft. Lauderdale with her Republican husband Jared.  She was able to raise more than $75,000 for the Women’s Rally, making her a credible contender for many offices.

While her fawning friend went on and on about how great she would be, she didn’t state a specific office that she was seeking.  The most obvious choice based on her residence is one of the four Ft. Lauderdale commission seats that come up in March 2018, but I feel like she wants to aim higher.  Besides, when has where you actually live stopped office seekers in Florida!

Plus, she has never really been politically involved or even voted in a primary election, so it’s unlikely she would be thinking about “renting an apartment” yet.   Her voting score is abysmal, voting in only 7 elections total since she registered to vote in Florida in 2002…and before this year she was almost exclusively a presidential-year general election voter.  But that could actually HELP her in a cycle where Democrats are trying to shake the elitist establishment label.

Regardless where and when she makes her move, she comes with a decent popular and fundraising base to be credible enough to keep your eye on.

Stay Tuned!