Big Sugar’s Not-So-Sweet Play

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With land buying on the legislative agenda again, the bill just having passed committee yesterday, folks are gearing up their grassroots networks to support or oppose the bill.  It appears Big Sugar has SWUNG to a familiar face whose fake grassroots army that gets is intended to get himself press over his issues.

Last years legislative disaster was outlined in a well written Rodger Stone bio piece by The Smoking Gun.  Stone was busted paying protesters in a gambit that spooked clients throughout the country.  Grassroots organizers reported that after Stone’s and Sugar’s fiasco, phones were ringing off the hook as clients called to ensure their own grassroots networks were real!

Now, it appears the Sugar industry has SWUNG BACK to it’s old friend and presidential pal Rodger Stone to run the fake grassroots network to try to kill the bill.

The Smoking Gun reports: The Everglades land purchase was eventually rejected by state Republican leaders. Florida Citizens Against Waste–victorious in its public debut–quickly disappeared, as if there was no further need to ferret out governmental profligacy. As for the group’s web site, it sat dormant for a spell before ultimately redirecting visitors to, one of Stone’s personal web sites. But in the last month, traffic was rerouted to a new url, The web site urges the defeat of a new piece of Everglades legislation being pushed by Joe Negron, the moderate Republican who is president of the Florida Senate. Negron’s legislation is opposed by U.S. Sugar.

Don’t be fooled.  If someone from this group calls, be sure to ask them if they’re getting paid this year!