The Nastiest Race in Florida

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Forget about the most colorful race in Florida, in Boca Raton we are about to have the NASTIEST race in Florida!

The front of the mailer, with the disclaimer for GOBOCA

Boca Raton Mayor and Florida League of Cities Chairwoman Susan Haynie allied committee GOBOCA, chaired by Mark Herron launched this haymaker that hit mailboxes today at challenger Al Zucaro.  Zucaro, was a West Palm Beach city commissioner for eight years and lately has been agitating under his Boca Watch website.

This is possibly the most foul mailer I’ve ever seen!

The sensational mailer alleges Zucaro “defended” two Nazi war criminals and fought against a Jewish synagogue moving into his neighborhood!  The mailer essentially claims Zucaro is an anti-Semite.

The back of the mailer has the most salacious accusations

The most interesting part of the mailer is that neither of the articles cited even mentions the candidate Zucaro!  The only name attached to it right now is Mark Herron, because the committee was just formed and no financial contributions or expenditures have been logged.

This is just the first salvo in what’s bound to be a disgusting race.