Fake Rubio Townhall Trending in Tampa Liberal Circles

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A FAKE town hall with U.S. Senator Marco Rubio began trending in ultra liberal circles this week.  Tampa Naturopathic “Physician” Melissa Gallagher cooked up and began publicizing a fake town hall with Marco Rubio late last week, claiming her efforts to make her voice heard have been stymied by the Junior Senator, who never agreed to participate.

They claim to be “leading the charge in a true democratic grass roots movement…to begin an open discussion with our elected representatives.”  Except the only problem is no Representatives are going to show up!

Interestingly enough, Senator Bill Nelson has been making the rounds around Tallahassee and the state, but he didn’t get an invitation as far as I can tell.  Frankly, it’s unlikely that any elected official on either side will participate in such an event that so nakedly tries to embarrass an elected official.

So what will they do with their captive audience now that they’ve raise almost $3,000 via GoFundMe, and tricked hundreds of residents into thinking they’re going to hear their Senator Speak?

A staged (“amazingly planned and executed” in their words) “town hall” where she and her friends get an audience intended for a Senator.

If people wanted to listen to a bunch of complaining, they would invite their mother in law for dinner! 

So what is this really about?

“It’s crazy exciting and scary – and I really need your financial help in bringing this to life.”

Let me give you some free advice: If somebody asks for money to host a grassroots townhall for your congressman, it’s a fraud.  Sadly, they have already scammed out $2,632 of their $3,000 goal.

Why they would need $3,000 is a mystery.  One thing I do know is that this type of scam WON’T “become a benchmark for a grassroots community organized town hall event.”