The Bergeron -Democrat connection?

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Bergeron’s Gold Hummer

The announcement earlier this month by Ron Bergeron that he may run for Governor sent shockwaves (of laughter) through political circles.  Is this the millionaire X that the Governor has been pushing against the establishment?  A guy who calls himself “Alligator” and drives a gold hummer rigged to make alligator grunting noises?

Probably not, at least not this year when the shallow-benched Democrats have several decent candidates who can give them a credible shot at Governor.  Which is why it is an interesting development that was purchased last week by the son of House Democratic Leader Janet Cruz and owner of Ray’s Fish Camp in Tampa.

The website registration appears to list Cruz’s home address, but business records from sunbiz link that address to Big Ray’s Fish Camp and the Democratic Leader.

I reached out to both Cruz and the Democratic Leader, and haven’t heard back.   In a suspicious development, Cruz did change the registration to private.

Is the Democrats bench so shallow that they have to recruit Republicans for Statewide office again, or is there someone in Tampa looking to run for Governor who is buying up all the possible opponents domains for attack sites?

Stay Tuned.