YR Leader Defects to Democrats!

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Dan Ruoss, Chair of the Southern 13-State Federations of Young Republicans and former Chair of the Florida Young Republicans defected this week to the Democratic Party this week by posting the above picture on his Facebook and changing his Twitter account to read “former Republican.”

Ruoss had become increasingly disillusioned with the Republican party after the election of Donald Trump.  He was a leader the #nevertrump movement through the election and told the NY Times late last year that, “we have to lose, and we have to lose big.”  Sources say he was more than once seen at a Democratic meeting since November.  However, he is still listed on the FFYR website as a board member as of late Thursday night.

While the registration was easy to change, it will be interesting to see how he handles the distinctly Republican tattoo on his arm of an elephant goring a donkey!


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