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According to some senior members of the legislature, the newly minted freshman who took her father’s old seat, Emily Slosberg, is well on her way to Bucher-ville, the land of ineffective irrelevancy.

“She must have skipped the class on Decorum during freshmen orientation last week,” joked my source after Slosberg sent out a press release (photo) blasting Palm Beach Delegation chairman Senator Bobby Powell for blocking her questionably legal local bill that would make texting and driving a primary offense in Palm Beach County only.

A senior legislator told HelloFLA that Slosberg is being very disrespectful and callous to her colleague, and has not only just doomed her local bill, but possibly every other bill she files as well.

“The Black community has a valid reason to oppose her bill,” the legislator suggested while referring us to a report released earlier this year by the ACLU that shows that blacks are pulled over twice as often as whites for seat-belt violations.   “We already made this mistake once.”

To make matters worse, Powell and Slosberg’s hometown of Palm Beach County is ground zero for racial profiling, with Blacks getting stopped nearly THREE times as often as whites.  In fact, the ACLU sent a special letter to the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office telling them to cut it out.  Yet Slosberg, her father and other white allies pushed forward with their callous call-out of Chairman Powell for sticking up for his constituents.

When I spoke with Slosberg via Facebook she was defiant, rattling off a series of statistics to support her bill, but softened to Powell’s legitimate concerns.

We are elected to be a voice for our constituents and it’s the top issue. I’ve got support from elected officials across Palm Beach for this proposal, and I’m willing to work with the chairman if he has legitimate concerns.”

Still, why would Powell want to work with her after he blasted her publicly?  Several sources speculated that Slosberg is being manipulated and stirred up by her father, and that the Palm Beach Civil War among the Democrats isn’t over yet.

Stay Tuned to See!

Editor’s note: One of our eagle-eyed readers noticed we misspelled Rep. Slosberg’s name in the Headline and article.  We regret the error.  As a part-time operation, we rely on tips and information from our readers.  If you have any clarifications or tips, please don’t hesitate to email editor@hellofla.com!