Why your Bill Sucks, Representative Evan Jenne – HJR 33

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Just say it Evan Jenne.  “I believe this is the right thing to do.”

Even the three blind mice could see through your superficially studied (bullshit) talking point answer you gave instead:

“blah blah blah (standard email BS legislator constituent response stuff) …In 1952, the U.S. Supreme Court invalidated alien land laws in the case of Sei Fuji v. California, determining that forbidding aliens from owning land was a violation of the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause. HJR 33 proposes amending Florida’s constitution to remove the alien land law provision which currently violates the United States Constitution, to imply the bill has other intentions would be patently false.”

-E-mail signed by Representative Jenne to my inquiry about the bill.

Now I know Democrats love California, but last I checked Florida is still a sovereign state and not under the jurisdiction of the California Supreme Court, of which that case was actually decided.  In fact, US Supreme Court has never struck down such a law.

When I pointed this out, Representative Jenne had his aide respond to claim that the land law was actually struck down in 1948 in Oyama v. California (1948)…but the case couldn’t be more clear: We do not reach their other contentions: that the Alien Land Law denies ineligible aliens the equal protection of the laws, and that failure to apply any limitations period to escheat actions under that law takes property without due process of law.”  What the court decided was a narrow provision of the law as it was was being applied to American citizens who had immigrant parents holding land in trust- read the decision here).

Stop beating around the bush with the bullshit bruh and just say that you think this is a racist provision and a vestige of our shameful past..and I agree with you as they were applied in the past something like this:

Give us your “research”
A-OK! No Problem!
Build our rockets please!
No Freaking Way!
No Way! Internment!
NOPE! You get Internment!

But that doesn’t mean the law as implemented in 2017 has to be this way. We recognize we had it backwards.


I don’t believe that we should allow people own property in our state who:

  • Have, as a foreign government official, been involved with certain severe violations of religious freedom (theft of persecuted minorities property/ethnic cleansing/etc);
  • Have been involved with the trafficking of persons;
  • Have been a member of a terrorist organization;
  • Have endorsed or espoused terrorist activity or persuaded others to endorse or espouse terrorist activity or support a terrorist organization;
  • Have participated in Nazi persecutions or genocide;
  • Or have committed murder.

Gosh Mr. Representative….Wouldn’t want to prohibit the next terrorist from keeping his Florida property!  Before you term-limit-toddlers tsk-tsk at me about how that could never happen, open your ears and let me tell you a story:

Florida Bulldog journalists Anthony Summers and Dan Christensen revealed 9/11 hijackers Mohammad Atta and Ziad Jarrah had multiple contacts with a Saudi Arabian family that abruptly left their luxury three-bedroom residence in the Prestancia enclave of Sarasota County on or about Aug. 30, 2001. The family left mail on the table, dirty diapers in the bedroom, made beds, a refrigerator full of food, and closets with entire wardrobes intact.

FBI agents converged on 4224 Escondito Circle within weeks of the 9/11 attacks.

The 3,300 square-foot home was owned by Saudi businessman and Royal family confidant Esam Ghazzawi… The Bulldog reported that gate records and security-camera photos of visitors’ license plates, along with phone records, indicated Jarrah and Atta knew the al-Hijjis well.

In 2003, without coming back to Florida or the U.S., the Ghazzawi family sold the house for a $90,000 profit after they used it to plot the most infamous attack on our soil since Pearl Harbor!

When Jesus said “turn the other cheek,” he didn’t mean we should look the other way! 

We need to fight evil head on with every tool we have at our disposal. We should close shop to dictators, terrorists and murderers. Florida has never passed enabling legislation for the land law, but now may be the time.  In fact, enabling legislation is probably what Representative Jenne really wants if he believes this is unconstitutional.  The legislature is clearly given wide latitude to determine which aliens ineligible for citizenship should have their land revoked.

To paraphrase Arsenio Hall in Coming to America, “If what I’m saying is wrong, I don’t want to be right!”  Terrorists, dictators and sex traffickers shouldn’t be able to park their ill gotten gains in Florida.