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Claims of Voter Fraud are still not being addressed by Florida and other states, according to fraud hunter and activist Andrew Ladanowski, a programmer/analyst from Coral Springs…

Ladanowski has a proven track record in finding voter fraud, having found over 50 people in Florida with Duplicate Voter registrations.  Last fall he reported over 25 voters who voted in Florida and New York or with Florida and New Jersey during the Nov 2014 election, which was verified and acknowledged by Florida Division of Elections.

Earlier this month, Ladanowski informed the Florida Division of Elections of 10 more individuals who appear to have voted in the presidential primary in both New York and Florida.  But he received no response this time!  What’s interesting about this batch is that 7 are republican, 2 are democrat and 1 was NPA.  So is Rick Scott Spiking the Republican heavy complaints?!?

“There have been no prosecutions for those individuals that Florida division of elections already confirmed voted twice over a year ago,” Ladanowski said.

He says they also still have not addressed concerns brought forward almost a year ago:  When people move in to the state of Florida, the DMV allows you to register to vote.  The Florida DMV takes your out of state license, destroys it and informs your previous state that you now have a Florida license.  The DMV needs to also pass the new voters new address but must also tell the Elections Supervisor of the previous state Supervisor of Election and inform them of the change in driver’s license.  These also slightly favor Republicans, so is that why Rick Scott isn’t getting this done?

According to Mr. Ladanowski, “for this Presidential year election over 1800 individuals from Florida who received a Florida absentee ballot to New York and are registered to vote in New York as well.”

He matched First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, DOB, and Address. When reached by Facebook, Ladanowski said that “This time around 4/5 Voters in NJ are REP”

So will Rick Scott and the Republicans in Tallahassee put their money where their mouth is on voter fraud? Or will they look the other way since it benefits the Republicans???


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