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Susannah Randolph According to the DCCC (Susannah Randolph Backgrounder 7.24.14):

  • Registered as lobbyist
  • Served as a lobbyist, political director and legislative director for ACORN
  • State Rep. husband sought funding for ACORN affiliate while Randolph was working as ACORN lobbyist
  • Earned over $200K serving on Alan Grayson’s staff
  • Defended Alan Grayson’s controversial “Taliban Dan” campaign ad
  • Accused Marco Rubio of being a traitor
  • Husband controversially collected $10K in salary from Orange County Tax Collector’s office before being sworn in
  • Tweeted that Bill Clinton was tearing Mitt Romney “a new asshole”
  • Retweeted comments referring to Florida Gov. Rick Scott as a “real Florida douchebag.”

Bill Phillips according to the DCCC (Bill Phillips (FL-07) Backgrounder 7-24-14):

  • 2004: Ran Unsuccessfully for US Senate in Florida
  • Supported Partial Social Security Privatization
  • Described Self as “Democrat Who Happens to be Gay”
  • PAC Ran Anti-Allen West Ad Which Was Decried as Racist

The Bill Phillips file also contains some goodies from lexus nexis:

He’s been getting all the love from the bigwigs at the party. It’s way too much to upload but you can see the picture above that shows all the meetings he’s been getting before he decided to suspend his race in early February.

Rep. Denny Heck to the Rescue!

Representative Denny Heck rushed down to Orlando earlier this year, between February 27 and 28. FL-07 Heck Travel Itinerary 2.26.16 He met with:

All this scrambling and trouble finding candidates, what’s their plan for victory for Florida Congressional District 7? (FL-07 – Path to Victory Drilldown FINAL 2016-01-25)

Democrats start the race behind by 9,960 votes.


  • Reach 48.5% of the Vote in Seminole County, With a Floor of 47% of the Vote.
  • Receive At least 56% Support Among Women Voters
  • Receive at least 70% of support among Hispanics/Latinos and Increase Turnout 3 Points to 3%
  • Increase Turnout 4 points among 18-29 Year Olds to 58.5% and Increase Turnout Among 30-44 Year Olds 4 points to 69.7%.
  • Receive 54% of the Support of Early Voters

Can they pull it off? They probably need a new plan now…

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