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Are you one of the 20,510 Democrats that’s not Hispanic with a history of voting in at least 1 of the last 3 August primaries aged 55+

Maybe you’re one of the Hispanic Democrats voting at least 1 of the last 3 August primaries, aged 55+

Anette Taddeo has another piece of mail for you…

Female Democrats who voted in at least 1 of the last 3 August primaries can breathe a sigh of relief.  They should have received their last piece today.

The Taddeo Preliminary Mail Budget-Menu was found within the documents left on our dropbox this last week… As well as her media plans for the Primary and General elections! Taddeo Primary-General Media Plans 2.91 copy

However, one of the most interesting docs in the cache is the call logs.  There are numerous call logs stretching back to right after she lost the Lt. Governor race with Charlie Crist in 2014.  She was called and recruited by folks all the way up to the vice president.  While it may be true she paid for the opposition research document (this document: Joe Garcia Research Book 2016 Update (From Taddeo Campaign), the party clearly has a preference for Taddeo.

In their entirety, they paint an interesting picture of the Taddeo campaign.  Some highlights include the nugget that can plague any campaign: that “Taddeo and her team are easily distracted by South Florida’s political rumor mill and social media scene” –Frankel Taddeo Mentor Call Sheet

But the most revealing document was an outline of the call placed by the Chairman of the DCCC Ben Luján to former Rep. Joe Garcia “to tell him you [Luján] are personally leaning in on Annette Taddeo’s candidacy in FL-26 (Curbelo).” FL-26 BRL Garcia Call Sheet 2.10.16

The document told the chairman to outline to Garcia why he should consider leaving the race…

“Please have a frank discussion with Garcia regarding his personal baggage. The election fraud scandal that led to the imprisonment of his former Chief of Staff, as well as his comments (out of context, yet still damaging) that “communism works” are serious liabilities and give the Republicans powerful negatives against him.” FL-26 BRL Garcia Call Sheet 2.10.16

That’s not even the most vicious part of the memo!  They lay bare a naked assessment of Garcia’s 2014 race:

“Garcia’s campaign did not fail because of a tough year in 2014. His personal baggage and disorganized campaign were the major factors.” FL-26 BRL Garcia Call Sheet 2.10.16

 They even targeted big Garcia backers like Cuban Lawyer Ralph Patino to woo them away, and praised them when they did… – FL-26 BRL Ralph Patino Call Sheet 3.24.16

The documents show the Democratic party is in a bind because Taddeo is a very weak fundraiser.


Finance Folder

Budgets Folder
Q3 2015 Planning Taddeo

Unfortunately there are hundreds of documents and it would be disorganized to post them all.  I have begun to share the documents with trusted media partners.  If any media organization is interested in access to the full trove, please don’t hesitate to contact me.