**Updated** Did Mack Sumner’s “Patriot Majority” Use a Counterfeit Union Label?!?

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“ONE OF US. A SOUTH FLORIDA DEMOCRAT FIGHTING FOR US,” screamed the mailer with the smudge mark under the return address.  A crane towers over an otherwise idyllic South Florida neighborhood (supposedly).

Although my South Florida spy claimed they didn’t recognize the neighborhood, my first thought was that no stock photo would have a two cranes towering over the neighborhoods.  I’m not sure why consultants Mack Sumner decided this was a good picture to use, but that isn’t what drew my attention.

My eyes were immediately drawn to the smudge under the return label.  I had to break out my phone to take a zoom photo in order to even read it…not a good sign.

debbie 1
Barely legible “Allied Trades” #8 Union Label Marked Miami

“The name of the label must be clearly legible for the label to be authentic,” reads an Allied Printing Trades Council Directory and Guide, along with two other indications of genuineness.

The pro Wasserman-Schultz mailer by Mack Sumner fails all three. 

unionlabelBesides the smudged label, according to the communication workers there is no Allied Council in Miami to issue the stamp.  Florida lists two councils, Tampa and Tallahassee, and the known legitimate stamps have the state as well as the city. (Update: This city/state mashup is not a requirement. See below for why.)

Also, the mark in question has no Register mark, another indication of genuineness according to the union. You will notice genuine union shops (#3) SonicPrint, and (#7) Mastermailer have the Register Marks, as well as the Tampa Bay Council name in the window.

Finally, the union lists no shops in Miami and the #8 license is issued to Arjay Printing Company in Oldsmar, FL.  We have reached out to them about the use of the #8 mark, and are awaiting a response.

One local South Florida political consultant who wishes to remain anonymous claims to have seen the mark before on various mailers…but that doesn’t make it genuine.

What do you think?

The Back of the Mailer in question
The Back of the Mailer in question
Patriot Majority Return label with smudged Union Bug.
Patriot Majority Return label with smudged Union Bug.

(Update 7/31/16 at 9:00 a.m. bold added by HelloFLA for emphasis)


Hello, out label is similar, most logos do not have the name and city in them, we did that about 15 years ago just to make it different from the standard logo.  That makes me think that someone copied our bug.  This is not our label and it would not surprise me at all that it is a fake.

-Andy Fraser

Arjay Printing Company