Broward’s Bogus Bailiffs

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“Murder suspect escapes Broward courthouse; manhunt underway,” screams the Sun-Sentinel article.

A 21-year-old murder suspect escaped a courtroom filled with people, including two bailiffs. He dropped his prison jumpsuit and a set of handcuffs on a hallway floor before he disappeared.  He is still believed to be at large.

“We need additional people,” Broward Sheriff Scott Israel told the paper amid his re-election campaign, which surely just got tougher.  But I’m not here to cast blame…

So what about those two worthless Bailiffs?

In fact, about a month ago I got an anonymous tip about all the Bailiffs, who are charged with courthouse security.

The tip suggested that the bailiffs all cheated on their training certification in courthouse security and emergency situations, and how to handle them!

The bailiffs recently had to certify they are trained in courthouse security and emergency situations and how to handle them. They all cheated.

Apparently they all had to take a FEMA security test by the end of May and pass it in order to receive a FEMA certificate certifying them in courthouse security and emergency situations management for the new courthouse, a federal grant would then be awarded to BSO. The bailiffs supervisor ensured that every single bailiff took the test AND passed it with her assistance by her giving them the answers to every single question. Here lies the problem. The bailiffs are not legally certified in the courthouse security and emergency situations management response that they all recieved (sic) fraudulent certification for. If anyone has doubts about this being factual ask BSO internal affairs to question the bailiffs concerning this matter and question the supervisor involved with this and you will see that this is all true.

Everyone in this courthouse has known about this for weeks and is very concerned about the impact on security at the courthouse right now and at the new courthouse..

A similar message was posted to the Broward Judicial Blog around the same time, and the comments are littered with similar versions of the story.

Now lawyers are really furious...I would be too. Is it real?

There was extreme incompetence shown today with this escape.  It’s clear they had absolutely no plan to handle this, despite being just certified.
If I was the Sheriff, I would definitely be investigating.

2 thoughts on “Broward’s Bogus Bailiffs

  1. The sheriff is too busy trying to save his own ass a month before re-election to do an investigation. The murderer is still on the loose and Israel is busy holding press conferences to point fingers at the county commission and the stingy taxpayers!

  2. the court bailiffs never got the sheriff’s attention. No BSO wants to be at the courthouse all day. It is not why they became deputies. Consequently losers ended up there. This will all change now

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