Jailbirds for Jim Waldman?

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One of our eagle eyed spies sent along this picture of disgraced Deerfield Beach Commisioner Sylvia Portier, who was suspended by the Governor after she was arrested on five misdemeanor charges related to conflict of interest forms she had filed in 2009.

Portier popped up again this week on a Jim Waldman mailer. 

Prosecutors proved that Poitier didn’t reveal that her brother, Lionel Ferguson, had loaned $47,000 to the Westside Deerfield Businessmen Association that was still owed when she voted for a $30,000 grant to the group.

She faced four years behind bars but was given a “slap on the wrist” of 1 year probation with a $1,000 fine!

Former Hollywood Commissioner Keith Wasserstrom, who went to jail and was charged with felonies for similar conduct and cried foul to Channel 10’s Bob Norman:

This Poitier slap on the wrist is a bit disconcerting. She had a history of ethical lapses. She did not disclose a conflict of interest. She lied about the nature of a conflict of interest. She voted on a matter in which she had a conflict of interest. She is charged and convicted with 4 misdemeanors –why was I charged with felonies?

I had a conflict. I sought advice from city attorney. I disclosed the conflict. I did not vote. I had never been accused or suspected of any immoral or unethical activity prior to my arrest. I spent 40 days in jail, not just lunchtime. I got 4 years probation and a Permanent record as a convicted felon. I lost my law license. I don’t get a $3,000 per month pension from the state.