This Tallahassee Insider Makes More Money Fishing than you Do Lobbying!

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Tallahassee is full of fish tales.  Doesn't look like $400,000 to me...

Just last weekend State Representative Katie Edwards posted a series of pictures of her family enjoying the weekend fishing.

Lobbyist Clark Smith of Southern Strategies, who is known to be an avid fisherman, posted pictures on Facebook of his weekend on his fishing boat.

But none of these folks are making real money fishing like insiders Laura Coburn Russell and Byron Russell.   Laura, who worked for the Senate President and now CFO Jeff Atwater, and whose father David Coburn served as Chief of Staff in both the Florida House and the Florida Senate, now grinds out her weekends competing for hundreds of thousands in cash in high level fishing tournaments.

How much has Coburn-Russell made fishing this year while you were toiling away in the rotunda?

“Probably around $400,000.”image1

Laura responded to HelloFLA’s query by email, and sent over some pictures from the The Masters Angling Tournament that she and her husband attended this weekend.

Lobbyist compensation reports are given in blocks.  At the low end, she’s pulling in more than lobbying firms Hopping, Green, & Sams and Adams Street Advocates combined… and you would still have room for the income of four Broad and Cassell’s!

If we are taking the high end numbers, it’s still more than Adams Street Advocates, Travis Moore, and Mike Haridopolos combined!


Think about that next time your fishing for amendment sponsors or camping in some legislators office just for a five minute meeting.

Byron Russell was in first place going into the final day, until Chase Offield pulled ahead with a prize winning fish.

“This weekend wasn’t any money….but we got a really cool sculpture.”

And what did Clark Smith get?  Probably just seasick!

Clark Smith's on a Boat!
Clark Smith’s on a Boat!