Hey Dirty, Gimmie My Money!

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Sentinel Reporter Dan Sweeney discovered a $100,000 contribution to a Boca Exposed PAC back in December, and our exclusive sources discovered the intended recipient of the $100,000 monster contribution.

Did they chicken-out because Boca Exposed was Exposed? Or was this all just a Giant Bluff to begin with?

Either way, Boca Exposed PAC’s latest expenditure report shows that CP OTC LLC Corportation got a $100,000 “repayment of loan” just 10 days ago.  (The original contribution wasn’t listed as a loan.)

Boca-based office-seekers can rest easy tonight, now that $100,000 in mass media has been taken off the table….for now….

Boca Exposed's Latest Expenditure Report
Boca Exposed’s Latest Expenditure Report