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A public office is a public trust. The people shall have the right to secure and sustain that trust against abuse.  Section 8 of Article II of the Florida Constitution

This isn’t a trick or a joke or a scheme to chuck mud at Chip LaMarca.  I actually know the guy and have no problems with him.  However, there have been serious questions raised about his finances. Although he technically has until July 1, his silence can begin to erode his credibility.  In fact, he told the Sun-Sentinel that “he quit his job as vice president at Zimmerman last week so he could speak freely …to protect “my reputation and my name.””

As long as he stays silent, we can only continue to present the documents that are part of the public record.  In fairness to Commissioner LaMarca, I extended the following offer to him last night:

Chip: you may have read several stories about you on  In fairness, I wanted to extend an opportunity for you to publish a response, unedited and without commentary by our site or staff.

If this is something you are agreeable to, please just let me know. Just send me the article and I will publish it.

No strings attached.

Thanks for Reading!

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He has not yet responded, and he has no obligation to. The fifth amendment even protects elected officials!


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