You swim with the sharks, you’re going to get bit!

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While the Florida Bloggosphere is going insane with reports of Javier Manjarres arrest for attempted murder and burglary charges, Congressman David Jolly (R-Indifferent) is probably busy begging the Blogosphere Buddha that nobody finds out that the alleged attempted murderer is on his payroll! 

But once again, the eagle eyed spies at HelloFLA catch the Congressman red-handed! This time he’s busted paying $6,000 to the accused attempted murderer‘s Shark Tank Media, LLC for “advertising.” (See the FEC Document Here: DavidJolly_SharkTank)

But everybody in the business knows that’s a joke. wrote that “Manjarres was also well-known throughout the industry for insistence on pay-for-play advertising in exchange for favorable coverage.”

On 12/11/2016, the same day that Jolly’s campaign made payment to the Shark Tank, he released a glowing article about the pay-for-coverage Congressman that was shared 250 times on Facebook!  The line cutting Congressman clearly hired Javier this past December, despite his long history of violent encounters with the law.

These are serious criminal charges, and this isn’t the first time David Jolly’s judgement and associations have been called into question.  The public has a right to know more about the shady deal that the self-congratulating congressman David Jolly struck with unsavory characters like Manjarres.

Will David Stand Silent?

Editor’s Note: Although broadly considered unethical, I know of no law that prohibits a reporter from engaging in a pay-for-coverage scheme, or even taking bribes to spike a story!