Of Things To Come!!!

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David Di Pietro, the suspended chair of the North Broward Hospital District, appeared to have hired a criminal defense attorney yesterday afternoon.

#RideorDie -a battle cry from Defense Attorney Brian Silber?

Criminal defense attorney Brian Silber, head of the defenseflorida.com law firm posted this picture on Facebook with the disgraced former chairman of the scandal addled health district.  The photo was passed along by a reader of this blog, but appears to have either been made private or taken down.

The hashtag #rideordie suggests the two are preparing for a tough fight.

Personally, I would be wary of any lawyer who immediately posts a picture with his client on the Internet, I assume for the purpose of generating publicity for his firm, but David posed for it willingly!

DiPietro’s other bone-headed move.

After his suspension by the governor, former Chairman David DiPietro released a statement that was published in full on Buddy Nevins’ Broward Beat blog, saying that “the Governor’s action [suspension] is based on a political agenda other than the truth.”

He even specifically called out the Governor several times in his thoughtless statement, but not before he complained that Rick Scott didn’t call him before his suspension!

Maybe he forgot he serves at the pleasure of the Governor.

Clearly, he isn’t the political whiz kid everybody thought.  It’s dumb enough to trash the sitting governor, but it’s double dumb when your wife, Judge Nina Di Pietro, is on the ballot in less than 6 months!

How can Justin Sayfie, Thomas Panza, William Scherer, Levi Williams and other Republicans listed as Di Pietro endorsers continue to support somebody who’s husband said our “Governor had an agenda other than the truth?!?”

I wouldn’t want to be on that list when the Governor starts looking at what Republicans are helping his detractors, and propping up the Di Pietro dynasty…


Updated 4:45 pm 3/22/16: David DiPietro filed this document in court challenging the Governor’s authority to suspend him, an extremely foolish move.  It suggests that Di Pietro is in so much trouble that he has nothing else to lose…