Further Down the LaMarca Rabbit Hole

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As previously reported, Broward County Commissioner Chip LaMarca was the beneficiary of a $386,191 satisfaction of Mortgage from Wells Fargo and a termination of Lien to put an end to his foreclosure from the company.  As previously stated, LaMarca showed no substantial rise in income.

Is Everybody Looking in the Wrong Place?

On January of 2015, less than one year before his termination of mortgage by Wells Fargo, Chip LaMarca voted along with the rest of the commission to transfer $24 million worth of Broward County spending on Purchasing Cards from Bank of America, to a new agreement with Wells Fargo!

Obviously the Cards didn’t magically appear after the vote. I’m sure the changeover took a few months, narrowing the time between the implementation and the mortgage “payoff.”

The questions only get more mysterious.  Where did LaMarca get the money?  Is this totally unrelated to Broward Health? Did he get a waiver of any of the mortgage amount with the county vendor Wells Fargo, who just scored a lucrative $24 million contract?