Week Whatever Gossip (Semi-Blind)

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It’s that time of year when the days get longer, start to blur together, and the only thing you know is that it isn’t the final week.  This is when the fun begins.  Tempers start flaring, rumors start flying, and members play games with the election season coming up.

Everybody knows about the “bad blood” between Senator Anitere Flores and Senator Dwight Bullard that threw a wrench in the Pax Miami.  Mary Ellen Klas reported earlier this month that Representative Artiles was drawn into a challenge of Bullard after Flores was challenged by Democrat Andrew Korge.

But somebody is spreading rumors around Tallahassee that Senator Bullard changed his name in the mid-90s to escape scrutiny of his past.  HelloFLA spies were explicitly told that “Mitchell had a rather serious rap sheet he was trying to escape.”

Screenshot (91)I did find that on March 25, 1997, Senator Dwight Bullard’s name was changed from Dwight Mitchell.(Local Case Number: 1996-020088-FC-04 / 131996DR020088000004)

When I looked for a criminal record associated with Dwight Mitchell in multiple jurisdictions, I found a man with the same name that had a lengthy criminal record. HOWEVER, when you review the file it’s clear he had a different birthday than the Senator (thus was not him.)

I did discover some traffic fines that Senator Bullard had ignored in the 90’s (he finally settled up), hardly what one would call a “serious rap sheet.”

So I’m going to call Bullshit on this gossip that has been floating around the capitol, unless somebody sends me proof otherwise. 

I reached out to both Senator Bullard and Representative Artiles several days ago for comment, but neither has responded.