Why your bill sucks: Representative Shawn Harrison

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HB 965 isn’t the most obvious bad bill in the bunch, but it would make Obama proud. It’s simplicity is its downfall.

What’s so bad about modernizing fire safety standards you ask? A lot, when it wipes out two decades of decisions made by elected officials and puts them in the hands of a group of self-interested special interests and bureaucrats, the NFPA.

Just a few years ago the legislature had to pass a special bill to exempt single family homes from the onerous and costly sprinkler requirements mandated by the NFPA, as well as removing a costly retrofit provision that sent constituents around the state into a tizzy.

The bill waives all those decades of considerations away for assisted living facilities. At the same time it asks legislators to abdicate their responsibilities to the voters and kick the can to unelected special interest groups to enact future changes automatically and without oversight in the most retirement heavy state in the nation. Heck, you have to pay just to get a copy of the codes that you want to make the Law of Florida!

My message to members hearing the bill: Why are you delegating responsibilities that could come back to bite you? Are you prepared to tell voters you voted to let somebody else decide what makes their loved ones safe?

The blame will still fall back to you. ¬†The NFPA doesn’t appear on mail…you do.