Enterprise Florida’s Charade

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That what the Governor wants from every man, woman, and child in Florida to support the his corporate welfare agency, Enterprise Florida.

Like a child crashing on a sugar rush after he’s spent his allowance at the corner Wa-Wa, the broke Enterprise Florida is seeking a $250 million taxpayer infusion.  For those of you with short memories (term limits), the agency was intended to be mostly funded privately. However, contributions have lately been a lopsided drain on state funds, and last summer the agency was embroiled in scandel over excessive staff bonuses. In fact, the main so-called selling point of this funding is the “tightened” supervision tied to it.

Melissa Fausz of the conservative-advocacy group Americans for Prosperity Florida called the appropriation “Corporate Welfare Spending,” to CBS Miami.

An average family of 4 living in Florida will pay $50 out of pocket, or about $12.50 each Floridian, to fund this corporate kickback scheme that provides direct payments to companies for nebulous promises of “jobs” and a dismal record of achievement. This is in addition to the dozens of local incentive programs that hand out millions more of taxpayer funds.

Think about that (and the mailers) as you debate the budget this week.  Each family in Florida is being asked to take a weeks worth of groceries off their table to hand a blank check to corporate insiders.

I’d have a hard time supporting that, and you should too.