Dr. Dunn: Florida’s Biggest Hypocrite

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The only-in-Florida story of the makeup wearing man-idate who can’t keep his story straight only gets better and better.  Like a bullet laid on a train track, you never know which way Dunn is going to fire off.

Several years ago, Dunn was one of the strongest advocates for Obamacare expansion in the state, even raising money to protect Democrats who struck the corrupt Obamacare bargain with the medical industry.

The Sunshine State News reported last month that:

But then I read in several respected media outlets, including Politico, that Dunn, while on the Board of Governors of the Florida Medical Association (FMA), had joined a unanimous vote by that organization’s House of Delegates in July 2014 to endorse Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion in Florida.

Yet over the weekend I got an email from Dunn proclaiming him to be and Obamacare purist, wanting to cleanse the nation and repeal the bill. His email to the form of a letter, urging Obama to sign a recent bill that would advance several union priorities!

Which Dr. Dunn do you think will show up to vote if he’s elected to congress? The liberal insider he seems to be behind closed doors, or the so called conservative he’s trying to be?