EXCLUSIVE: Breaking Open Boca’s Six-Figure Secret

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Last week statewide political reporters were rifling through their Rolodexes to try to figure out who dropped a six-figure donation into a Boca Raton PAC “Boca Exposed” and why. Now, sources inside Boca Raton confirm that the mysterious beneficiary of the $100,000 soft money contribution will be the pro-development Boca Mayor: Susan Haynie.

Mayor Haynie, County Commissioner Abrams and developers digging themselves an unnecessary hole.

It’s no secret within Boca Raton political circles that Haynie has her sights set on term-limited County Commissioner Steven Abrams seat, and it appears her backers within the development community are wasting no time gearing up for what could be an expensive battle in two years. HelloFLA has heard from credible sources that a Haynie ally setup the “secret” committee in preparation for tough votes the Mayor is expected to take on several controversial development projects.

Stay tuned to HelloFla for more on who the players behind the $100,000 contribution are…

(Updated: The $100,000 donation was initially spotted by super-vigilant Sun-Sentinel reporter Dan Sweeney)