Confessions of a Blogger

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Dear Readers:

I would like apologize for the extended hiatus. No…politicians and insiders didn’t stop gossiping.  I had plenty of tips about liberals masquerading as conservatives (yes you in District 11), sloppy shenanigans during committee weeks (looking at you three that went home together from 101), and bad bills being filed. The truth is far more simple:

The “real insiders and politicians” part of this blog means that I have a day job inside the process. Contrary to popular belief, lobbying and campaigning is long and stressful work. I started this blog with the promise to my partners and firm that it would not interfere with my productivity.

I was starting to feel that HelloFLA was beginning to consume my life, so I felt an extended hiatus was in order.  The demand from you during the break, via the continued tips and stories that you send, made it clear that there is an insatiable thirst for HelloFLA’s brand of sensational political gossip in this process.

Therefore, we will be coming back on a limited basis.  Don’t forget to check our twitter @HelloFLANews, and send your latest tips and information to