Maps Collapse

While the embargo hasn’t been lifted, a leaky faucet can only hold back so much water!

Sources within the state capitol tell me that there is so much distance between the chambers, and so much sniping over the constitutionality of the maps, that many members are looking at the coalition map and deciding it’s not that bad of a deal!

Even worse for Senators, our unauthorized experts told HelloFLA that the maps probably won’t be final and through the court system until January!  Legislators will be frozen out of fundraising during regular session, giving challengers an almost two month free reign at the money chase.

Broward members, who tend to be orderly about these types of things, particularly benefit: The coalition maps put Lauren Book into a primarily western district against Gary Farmer, while the southeastern (open) Sobel seat appears to benefit Evan Jenne.

Matthew Isbell with MCI maps told HelloFLA last week that Book “would win a Waldman Farmer primary.”  While that is likely to be true, people close to her camp tell me Book is “not excited at the prospect of a grueling campaign, but she’s staying out of the process even though she’s not an incumbent.”

However, multiple sources tell me Waldman wouldn’t run against Book, which leave him holding the bag along with Katie Edwards, who would actually fare the best with the Senate map that puts her into the coastal district. Although he resides in Maria Sachs’ seat, which comes up in 2018, history would suggest he would move.

Sachs likely won’t face voters again, and you’ll likely see Irv Slossberg duke it out piss away millions trying to defeat Jared Moskowitz, who’s (real) house is in the Sachs seat in the coalition map that takes in Parkland, possibly giving Broward a “bonus” Senator in 2018.