What the Heck is going on in the FL House?

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I’m just going to lay this picture out here and see if any of our readers can explain what the heck is going on here?

This picture, clearly taken from inside a legislative office in Tallahassee, was posted to Yeti Campus Stories, essentially an X-rated snapchat clone.

The tagline FTY stands for “For the Yeti,” which is basically the app’s version of the phrase “YOLO.” Yeti, claims to offer “the full story” about campus life, and is divided by schools.  Most Florida colleges have their own feed.

The FSU (Tallahassee) feed shows endless postings of sex, over-the-top drug use and drinking, “Creepshots,” guns, and drunk girls flashing the camera. Basically everything you don’t want to be in any way associated with if you’re an elected official.

Just last week, somebody posted a picture of themselves in a bowtie, bragging they were headed to a congressional interview.  Posts aren’t identified by user (they’re anonymous), but clearly somebody within or wanting to be in the process is using the app.

It makes you wonder what kind of incriminating posts we can expect in the future…

(Editor’s Note: Any person identifying individuals in these photos please email: editor@hellofla.com.  Sources anonymity is strictly respected)