JEB! Courting Democrats?!?

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When Jeb Bush released his Jeb 2016! Broward County Campaign¬†Organization in early October, one of the Hawk-Eyed readers of HelloFLA pointed out that Jeb’s local leadership team contains at¬†least two well-known Democrats: City Attorney Samuel Goren and former Mayor Jim Naugle.

Naugle, who has a history of supporting Republicans for President, drove the city to financial collapse. His strong backing of buying a $250,000 (plus $30,000 annual maintenance) robotic talking toilet for the beach is only one example of his Democratic fiscal responsibility shining through.

Goren is a city attorney for many Democratic cities in the area, and as of this writing is a registered Democrat.

I’m not sure what JEB!s strategy is here, but from looking at the polling I’m pretty sure having Democrats on your leadership team is not the way to win a primary.

What’s next from JEB!s floundering team? A robocall from Obama?