**EXCLUSIVE** Congressman David Jolly’s VIP Valet

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David Jolly (R-Indifferent), his wife and his aide received rock star treatment, courtesy of South Florida taxpayers who didn’t recognize the freshman Tampa Bay Congressman

But HelloFLA’s eagle-eyed spy recognized the Republican U.S. Senate candidate and captured this EXCLUSIVE Footage!

Jolly, his wife and aide were given VIP valet service up to the gate in a golf cart driven by a uniformed officer.

Is this the best use of Miami airport security resources?
Is this the best use of Miami airport security resources?

HelloFLA.com got EXCLUSIVE VIDEO of the officer escorting the entitled entourage at Miami International Airport earlier this afternoon, and even holding up the long line of possible voters to personally check in the pampered congressional party in front of the other Tallahassee bound travlers!

Jolly and his wife looked completely apathetic as the officer carries their bags. It makes you wonder how often they partake in the profligate perks of office.

“Who is that, some celebrity?” asked one delayed flyer when they saw our informant documenting the over-the-top treatment Jolly and his companions received from the taxpayers.

“Typical…the worst,” grumbled the frustrated traveler after finding out they were being held up for a freshman congressman from clear across the state.

Jolly seems to talk a lot about eliminating wasteful spending, but clearly not for himself or his family. Nobody likes airport security, but we expect our congressmen to live under the same set of rules we do.

David Jolly, you’re a freshman Congressman, not a King.

[vc_video link=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4MBFBcvkKA’]