Turmoil in the Fort!

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Good luck getting anything done in Fort Pierce over the next year.

The city commission abruptly fired longtime City Attorney Robert Schwerer during last week’s commission meeting with virtually no notice, and city staff is paralyzed with fear that more heads are about to roll

City Attorney
Schwerer is still listed as the City Attorney

It happened so abruptly and unexpectedly, that the city hasn’t even updated their website yet!

During his time for comments, Commissioner Rufus Alexander III expressed frustration that the city attorney was “giving long elaborate answers” to his questions, and sending out correspondences that were “not on city letterhead.” Lawyers are generally not known for giving succinct answers.

The clearly aggravated Alexander made a motion to fire the city attorney out of frustration, which Commissioner Reginald Sessions quickly seconded.  Less than ten minutes later, Schwerer was out of a job when Mayor Linda Hudson joined them 3-2 to end his contract.

“It’s time to make a change, Fort Pierce,” said Commissioner Alexander from the dias after the vote, sending staff into a panic.

One Fort Pierce business owner said he has fielded multiple calls in the past week practically begging him to run for office to save the city from turmoil. The well known and politically active city board member told HelloFLA he is seriously considering a run for office.

The mayor filed for reelection earlier this Summer, but we are bound to see an extremely active campaign season in Fort Pierce if she doesn’t get control of her city.