Why Your Bill Sucks: Dana Young

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Why Your Bill Sucks: Representative Dana Young

Your Bill: HB131, allowing people to forcibly enter a motor vehicle for if they believe an elderly person or a disabled adult, a minor, or a domestic animal is in danger.

Your Sponsors: Representatives Young, Moskowitz, Cortes, Detert

Your supporters: Ladies who lunch, hyper-sensitive busybodies, animal right fanatics, self-righteous yentas

What’s new that sucks: What’s worse than nanny-state loving legislators destroying your property?

When the legislature deputizes every hyper-sensitive, self-righteous, animal rights fanatic in the state to break into your vehicle when they have “a good faith belief” that doing so is “helping.” Some people have a good faith belief that they can choke on cigarette smoke from 50 feet away, yet have no problem huffing fumes walking through a parking garage. Some people believe that NO child or animal can be left in a car for ANY length of time…these people don’t have children. Any parent who tells you they’ve never left their kid in the car to pay for gas is a liar.

What has always sucked:  It’s bad enough the legislature can’t keep their hands off our money and our property, now they have to allow people to break our stuff.  This is why we can’t have nice things Florida!  We still are dealing with the aftermath of house-by-house destruction of our citrus trees, police departments and cities dealing drugs, and asset forfeiture.  The state is like the deadbeat landlord that takes six months to fix a broken window but is there with their hand out to collect rent every month without fail.

What might not suck:

I would like to see one of these idiots break open a window to let out a barking dog, only to bite the crap out of the “good Samaritan.”  Of course, they’ll probably win $10,000 on America’s Funniest Home Videos.

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