A Man-didate that Wears Makeup?

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When I was 4, I loved to draw.

One day, my mother was making dinner and my father was at work when I found my mothers makeup. I figured it was just like coloring, so I lathered it on my face like a south beach hooker trying to cover up a swollen jaw.

My mom thought it was hilarious, but my Dad was furious when came home from work.

“Two types of men wear makeup,” he scolded. “Actors and clowns.”

I thought of this incident as I studied the pictures my wife just emailed me of District 2 Congressional Candidate Neal Dunn.

"Is this man wearing eye pencil???"
Candidate Neal Dunn wearing eye pencil?

“Is this guy wearing eye pencil???” she asked. “What kind of a man wears makeup?”

Actors and clowns.

Only a clown like Neal Dunn would frivolously hand out millions in taxpayer dollars, driving his agency to financial collapse, and then hand out bonuses to staff with the rest of the cash on hand.

Then again, only an actor (or John Kerry) could change roles as often as Dunn has.  He’s claiming to be building a coalition of conservatives…after he helped build a coalition of liberal Democrats to provide critical votes to Obama.  He’s claiming to want to stop Obamacare…after he supported it as a lobbyist for the Florida Medical Association.

He’s dressing up his left wing record with the cheap facade of a Cony Island thrill ride that stokes your anticipation, but is guaranteed to leave you disappointed and cheated.

No Doubt

“No doubt that looks like makeup,” laughed a panhandle lobbyist who spoke to HelloFLA about the salacious gossip on condition of anonymity.

Neal Dunn may be able to hide the blemishes on his face, but the blemishes on his record will take a lot more than bronzer  to cover up.

Photoshop or makeup?
Photoshop or makeup?