Why Your Bill Sucks: Kathleen Passidomo

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Your Bill: HB 47 Offenses Committed on Real Estate Agents

Your Sponsors: Senator Detert and Representative Passidomo

Your supporters: Realtors®

What’s new that sucks: I’ve sat here trying to figure out who is being more dubious in pushing this reprehensible bill: the Realtors®, a powerful special interest group who appear to be blatantly padding their successes with a “harmless” bill no legislator could object to (let’s face it, sexual assault perpetrators don’t really have good lobbyists and their $1.2 Billion priority is a pipe dream), or Representative Passidomo, the candidate of an alreadycontentious-but-not-even-drawn-yet Senate seat shamelessly exploiting the thousands of Realtors® throughout Florida by pushing a worthless fix to a non-problem that she can tout when asking for campaign contributions.

It always amazes me that legislators can claim to be second amendment conservatives and support bills like this. The entire premise of her bill is that this extra penalty may cause somehow stop somebody from committing an assault against a Realtor®?

Not surprisingly, Passidomo is working under the theory that far left liberals use to restrict gun rights: that criminals obey and heed laws.

Kathleen Passidomo is using the same logic as these cartoon characters.
Kathleen Passidomo is using the same logic as these cartoon characters.

What has always sucked:  As much as I’m not a fan of categorizing Floridians to give some more protection against crime than others, I understand certain categories (Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Paramedics, etc.) put themselves in harm’s way for the benefit of the entire community and deserve the tradeoff.

A Realtor®?

Ha Ha Ha Ha. Are you kidding me?

Realtors®!!! The group that told buyers to pound sand when they actually asked to see the half-million dollar investment before plunking down their life savings on a deposit?  The group that put more Floridians underwater than the Supermoon?  Puh-leeze!

What might not suck:

If this bill passes, it will likely just raise the stakes when hyper-competitive Realtors® compete for territory or listings. My prediction: most charged under this bill will be other Realtors®.

Hear it from Passidomo:

The bill speaks for itself. She appears to me to be using flawed liberal logic to scam a bunch of Realtors® into thinking she cares about them to pad her campaign account.

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